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A death before death
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A death before death

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Death Record

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A death before death

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WW1 veteran Henry Allingham passed away at 113 years

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HIV : A call of death

Updated on: 2018-06-17

Cancer is also known as the "butterfly disease" because like a butterfly, the cancer patient also has to struggle to break out from the "cocoon" of their disease or die in the attempt. Prevalently, the cancer "victim" has a pattern of long standing life problems that have been "eating them up inside".Their inability or unwillingness to effectively deal with these problems is what created the cancerous cocoon to initiate with. Often, cancer is the manifestation of the person's conflicting desires to escape the situation and to "keep things as they are" because change would be too painful. Cancer becomes the means of escape that many take by doing nothing to stop it from leading them to a "final solution" naming death.

Cancer may affect people at all ages. It causes about 13% of all human deaths. As per the American Cancer Society, 7.6 million people died from cancer in the world during 2007. Genetics can be a major cause in cancer development. If someone have a family history of cancer, precautions should be taken beforehand. Exposure to asbestos, a group of minerals found in housing and industrial building materials can cause cancer. Learning how to cope with cancer will provide patient with strength and positive outlook he will need during treatment and beyond.

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